Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of living. A summer in photos. | Central Indiana Life Photographer

Summer is turning, and I can always feel it - in the air, the smell, the way the wind feels. When I look back over the last 4 months or so, all I can see is one huge blur. Sometimes I don't even feel like summer has begun. Maybe, eventually, these months will separate themselves in my mind; and I'll be able to see it fully for what it was. Separate, purposeful pieces of life and work, joy and pain, healing and parting, growing and beauty. But for right now, what I know about this season, is that it was life changing and necessary - and that the God of all comfort was in the center of it all. There is a reality, more than ever; of joy, of hope, and of unrelenting love.


  1. Sarah dear, your pictures make me want to go adventuring, enjoy life, see thing differentially and take pictures. Every time you post a blog post I am inspired. =D
    Love you!

  2. I love all the way you mixed color and black/white- it was very refreshing =)


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