Thursday, August 21, 2014

Andrew is ten. | Central Indiana Child Photographer

Andrew, my littlest, most mischievous, surprisingly outgoing brother - is ten. How this happened I'll never know; but it's special and bittersweet to watch him grow. Out of his baby face. Out of his short clothes. Out of his toothless grin. Out of his signature flip hair-do. (Which we opted against for this photoshoot, and he said that we'd taken away his personality. Vain much? Ahaha.) I may have even had a few moments like this. But to see him grow into so many things; that's fun to watch. He's loving the things that I remember loving, books and movies, hobbies and interests.....I love sharing these things and watching him learn. And sometimes, I learn from him. Because as much as I hate to admit it, the kid can run circles around me in math.

He still voluntarily grabs my hand whenever we're out in public, and calls me "sissy" more than Sarah - I'm trying to hold onto these things while they're here.
A friend told me last week that Andrew made her feel special by the way he talked to her. Me too.

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