Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Little backstory - I've known Mackenzie since we were little homeschooled teenagers, connected through the only way I connected with anyone at that point in life, through Flickr. Scandalous (hah) online friendships have marked my life in deep ways and I'm super thankful for those years that connected me to some of my now closest people+inspired me to grow as a photographer.

From Flickr friends to friends in real life to taking her senior pictures and cross country roadtrips together and pie on the beach and then one fateful weekend in Chicago when all I heard about was this kid, Josiah. Spoiler alert, they got together. And Mackenzie got married on her front porch+made her own bouquet+had a picnic of a day like she'd always dreamed. Life is good, and weird, and funny, and unpredictable, and I love it.

Here's a very happy story.

Except for when I tried to walk through a glass door, but that's another story for another day.

Floral arch - Sugarfield Flowers
Second photographer/pie carrier/my girl Friday - Essie

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