Friday, June 15, 2018


Oh hey, these two. When I met with them to talk about doing their wedding, I think we ended up sitting there for an extra hour just talking about travel and weird movies and life. I love it that my couples allow me to really get know them+their story....because it really does affect how I know to serve you. And also, in the end, I have really cool friends - bonus.

Chloe and Zeke are so caring+ fun loving with an amazing sense of humor.....I now also know that they're not much into bugs or furry forest animals falling on their heads, so that's good to put into my book of knowledge. Here are some photos from our day of pie eating and picnicking and too much sarcasm (on my end).

p.s. they're having pie instead of cake at their wedding this December and I'm in full agreement that this should be a thing.....just saying.

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