Thursday, December 31, 2015


I feel like words betray the heights and depths of 2015. It was the year of the unexpected and the long expected and the don't dare expect. Beginning and ending with lessons on faith, He connected happenings and people and places to bring me to other happenings and people and places, and I watched in amazement as the months brought delight and hardness, but always always the needed. It covered many miles and a few airports, Michigan more times than was logical, and met so many dear hearted and lovely humans who simply let me in. Realizing more this year about how achingly beautiful life is, even the sadness and humble parts if we let them be. And that it's all grace upon grace upon grace (times infinity) from the One who is the giver of life.

Happy 2016, friends.


  1. I never fail to be inspired and believe once again in the beauty of life whenever I stumble across your blog. Happy new year. xx

  2. Sarah, you have more beauty in your little pinky that most people will ever see throughout their life!!! I seriously want to cry ever time I read something your write, and then I see your pictures and get chill bumps all over. You are so gifted, so grace-filled, so lovely. Praising God for you!

  3. Wow, love your photography! Beautiful shots.


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