Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Nothing lasts except the grace of God." | 2014

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” - Zora Neale Hurston

How many pages could I fill with experiences from the past twelve months? A book full, maybe. If I were a writer. And if you know me extremely well you will probably understand....but the life changing year that was 2014 is written largely in my heart. It's a collection of never to be forgotten, beautiful, heart wrenching, heart changing, Jesus filled, moments. He asked me to let go; and restored back a hundred fold. He asked me to throw my fears away and receive His joy. He told me to say 'yes' more. To ask questions. To open my heart. To love like He loves me. To know what grace is. To live by faith. And greatest of all; to lean on Him for absolutely, positively, everything. There's really been no greater year in my life....despite the heartbreak. Full of learning. Full of grace. Jesus truly does lead all the way.

With love, and wishing you a very happy 2015, Sarah K.


  1. This time of year is the best, mostly because of blog posts like this. My heart is so full right now - I just got to re-live a whole year of memories! Ones you told me about and ones I got to experience with you. It was quite a year. I loved it.
    Let's do even better in 2015, k? K.

  2. Geez!! These photos are GORGEOUS!!! I love all the colors, tones and dof. Especially all the free lenses bokeh ones. I love the shot of the church pews, and the hands in he hospital bed. So beautiful.

  3. These post is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sarah. You are pretty amazing.
    And that is all I can say.
    Because that sums up my feelings on this point.

  5. I so loved looking through this post. Thank you for sharing, it inspires me :)


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